Exploring the Expanded Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Recruitment in India

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Railway Assistant Loco Pilot 18k Recruitment


In a significant move by the Indian Railways, the number of positions Railway Assistant Loco Pilots has been increased to a staggering 18,799 across various regions. This expansion aims to enhance railway operations and safety measures while providing more employment opportunities. This article delves into the details of this noteworthy development in the Indian Railways.

Increased Vacancies: A Breakdown

Central Railway

  • Total Positions: 1786
  • Region: Central Railway
  • Official Notification: 5696 positions released, increased to 18799

Eastern Railway

  • Total Positions: 1595
  • Region: Eastern Railway

Northern Railway

  • Total Positions: 802
  • Region: Northern Railway

Southern Railway

  • Total Positions: 1949
  • Region: Southern Railway

Western Railway

  • Total Positions: 1776
  • Region: Western Railway

Application Details and Timeline

The application forms for these expanded positions were initially released online, and candidates were invited to apply from January 20 to February 19, 2024. This extended timeline aimed to accommodate a higher number of applicants due to the substantial increase in vacancies.

Impact on Safety and Operations

This decision to increase the number of Railway Assistant Loco Pilots will have a positive impact on railway safety and operations. By distributing the workload more evenly and reducing the chances of over-duty for locomotive drivers, the risk of accidents due to human error will be minimized significantly. This move aligns with the Indian Railways’ commitment to enhancing safety standards and ensuring efficient operations.

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