Tragic Collision Between Goods Train and Kanchanjunga Express in West Bengal

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Today, a heartbreaking incident occurred near West Bengal when a goods train collided with the Kanchanjunga Express. As a result of the collision, there was catastrophic damage, with at least 15 people losing their lives and approximately 60 others being injured. The accident happened at a railway crossing near Exvizajad station, where the goods train collided with the passenger train, causing significant damage to both trains and trapping passengers inside.

The collision took place early in the morning when visibility was low due to fog. The goods train, carrying heavy industrial materials, was traveling on the same track as the Kanchanjunga Express, which was heading from Siliguri to Kolkata. Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang followed by cries for help as several train compartments derailed, leading to chaos at the scene.

Emergency services and railway personnel swiftly arrived at the site to assist the injured and extricate those trapped in the wreckage. Local hospitals were put on high alert as ambulances transported the injured to nearby medical facilities for urgent treatment. The severity of injuries varies, with some passengers reported to be in critical condition.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the causes of the collision, focusing on factors such as human error, technical malfunctions, and weather conditions. Railway officials and experts are analyzing data from signal systems and black box recordings to determine the sequence of events leading up to the tragic accident. The Railway Minister has assured a thorough inquiry to establish accountability and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Families of the deceased and injured passengers have been informed, and efforts are underway to provide them with necessary support during this difficult time. Local administration officials have set up helplines for families to receive information and for witnesses to provide statements about the incident.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed deep sorrow over the accident and has instructed authorities to provide all possible assistance to the victims and their families. The Railway Ministry has been directed to ensure prompt relief measures and adequate medical care for the injured. The incident has prompted concerns nationwide and calls for enhanced safety measures on railway networks.

As investigations continue and cleanup operations progress, efforts are also being made to restore normalcy on the affected railway route. Authorities urge the public to avoid spreading rumors and await official updates from relevant authorities regarding the accident and its aftermath.

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